Monthly Archives: August 2006

Tag Cloud of AOL search data

You may have heard of AOL’s recent search data snafu where they inadvertently released 35 million user search queries without properly anonymizing the data. While they have ceased sharing the data, it is all over the Net already and people are already creating data mining tools for it. For fun, here is the tag cloud […]

New Release!

Many many bug-fixes have gone live. Your tag clouds are more accurate than ever and the interface has been tweaked to address many usability issues. Clouds away! Those who are used to buying different car audio systems every year, are usually the ones who have the latest laptop computers in addition to desktop computers as […]

Beautiful Information

I’ve been showing TagCrowd around to friends and colleagues lately (easy user testing). It’s fun to watch people get into playing with it, seeking out ever-more interesting texts, speeches or poetry to visualize and compare. It made me realize that TagCrowd needs a photo gallery of clouds, each linking to its source text. I find […]

Speak your minds

Since I now apparently have a growing user community (all ten of you!), I decided to add an easy feedback form for reporting bugs, making feature requests, declaring your undying love, etc. Update: As of this writing, about two years after this blog post was first published, TagCrowd’s community has grown to an average of […]

Tag Scrubber is here

By far the most-frequently requested feature has been a way to prune certain irrelevant tags from tag clouds — i.e. create a tag blacklist. Of course, everyone has a different opinion about which tags are irrelevant and, moreover, those opinions change depending on the particular text being visualized. What was needed was a way for […]