Monthly Archives: December 2009

Customized HTML clouds for embedding

It’s now easier than ever to customize the size and look of your TagCrowd text clouds when embedding them in HTML web pages and blog posts. You’ll now find a new “CUSTOMIZE” section near the top of the HTML Embed code where you can customize some of the CSS styles to suit the style of […]

Save clouds as PDF

I’m pleased to release a long-requested feature. You can now save your text clouds in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. That means they are scalable for printing at any size. You’ll get a letter-sized document that you can scale to your own needs. I’ve also streamlined the interface to make it easy to save your cloud […]

Raised file size limits

Today we’re releasing a feature that has been highly requested, especially by those who do research and want to do visual analysis of long transcripts, survey responses, etc. Raised file size limits. After some code wizardry, you can now input very large text files into TagCrowd using the “Upload a File” method. The limit is […]