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TagCrowd visualization: State of the Union

As an exercise in visualizing the words that characterize the course of United States history, I used TagCrowd to create two word clouds for the president’s ‘State of the Union Address,’ 2002 vs. 2011. One is by U.S. President Bush on January 29, 2002. The other is President Obama on January 25, 2011. Click on the […]

New version, features + fixes

A new version of TagCrowd recently went live. There are a few major fixes and some new features: 1. Major overhaul of the web spider for URL/webpage text sources. You’ll find that a lot more sites will work properly now (notably, Wikipedia). 2. You can now get multi-word phrases to stay together in the cloud […]

Photos from CSCL

Here are some images of TagCrowd being demonstrated at the International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) in New Brunswick, NJ. (Click on the photo to see the rest). I created word cloud stickers for every presenter at the conference (all 147 of them) based on the title and abstract of the article they wrote […]

TagCrowd in print

The Dallas Morning News ran a full-page spread in their print edition comparing the speeches of Democratic presidential candidates announcing their candidacy. They used TagCrowd to visualize and compare the words the candidates are using most. It’s a neat use of the technology to make what Edward Tufte calls “small multiples“, small information-dense graphics that […]

TagCrowd has been boingboinged

Boingboing, the eminent “directory of wonderful things”, today posted a TagCrowd-produced image of Bush’s State of the Union 2007. The tag cloud was made by Jason Griffey. Thanks, Jason, for making a fascinating cloud.

Tag Clouds in the flesh

Tonight, TagCrowd made its (physical) world debut at a Stanford faculty retreat in Half Moon Bay. I created a name tag for each professor by dropping their research statements and resumes into TagCrowd to create a cloud visualization of their interests, projects, collaborators and activities. It was a hit. The primary goal of these personal […]

Tag Cloud of AOL search data

You may have heard of AOL’s recent search data snafu where they inadvertently released 35 million user search queries without properly anonymizing the data. While they have ceased sharing the data, it is all over the Net already and people are already creating data mining tools for it. For fun, here is the tag cloud […]