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New version, features + fixes

A new version of TagCrowd recently went live. There are a few major fixes and some new features: 1. Major overhaul of the web spider for URL/webpage text sources. You’ll find that a lot more sites will work properly now (notably, Wikipedia). 2. You can now get multi-word phrases to stay together in the cloud […]

Customized HTML clouds for embedding

It’s now easier than ever to customize the size and look of your TagCrowd text clouds when embedding them in HTML web pages and blog posts. You’ll now find a new “CUSTOMIZE” section near the top of the HTML Embed code where you can customize some of the CSS styles to suit the style of […]

Save clouds as PDF

I’m pleased to release a long-requested feature. You can now save your text clouds in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. That means they are scalable for printing at any size. You’ll get a letter-sized document that you can scale to your own needs. I’ve also streamlined the interface to make it easy to save your cloud […]

Raised file size limits

Today we’re releasing a feature that has been highly requested, especially by those who do research and want to do visual analysis of long transcripts, survey responses, etc. Raised file size limits. After some code wizardry, you can now input very large text files into TagCrowd using the “Upload a File” method. The limit is […]

International languages

After a crash course in the intricacies of the Unicode standard, I’ve introduced basic support for international languages in TagCrowd. There’s a new option to select the language for your text. This will remove the common words in that language from your text cloud. “Basic support” currently means languages based on the Latin alphabet (i.e. […]

Printable version

By popular demand, I’ve added a little checkbox in the options to display your word clouds full screen. This should simplify things a bit if you’re taking screenshots or printing.

Web scraping and other new features go live

The most common feature request I used to receive was the ability to input a URL and have TagCrowd retrieve the web page text automatically. Since my development efforts are prioritized primarily by what I receive requests for, that feature went live a few months ago to much grateful thanks. I’m pretty sure it’s how […]

Photos from CSCL

Here are some images of TagCrowd being demonstrated at the International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) in New Brunswick, NJ. (Click on the photo to see the rest). I created word cloud stickers for every presenter at the conference (all 147 of them) based on the title and abstract of the article they wrote […]

At the CSCL conference

I’m currently at the international conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning in New Brunswick demonstrating TagCrowd to researchers in this field. I’ll post some photos and updates when it’s all over. Meanwhile, I updated the Help section and am working on unicode support for all the many alphabets in use around the world.

Tag clouds now embed in blog posts

Thanks to a bug report from Jason, which led me on a short development spree, you can now embed the code for your tag clouds into blog posts and other content-management systems. If you encounter any problems, please let me know what platform you’re using and I’ll jump on a solution.